Service-Based Organization Turnaround

If you are leader tasked with a turnaround project of a service-based organization please contact me to see if my philosophies, skills and experiences could help your team achieve their short- or long-term needs in the categories I have specialized in, on a contract basis.

My Business Development Philosophy

By combining the main focus of two books (Good to Great by Jim Collins and The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber), my goal within any organization is the creation of scalable, predictable results. These results can be created through the use of operational systems (processes, checklists) for marketing, sales, and operations teams.

Management by data/metrics leads to decision making that benefits the organization’s optimization and profitability, whether the organization has one or multiple office locations.

I have developed a tolerance for risk and a comfortability with change when faced with organizational turnaround situations. When proven systems are available to generate expected results, greater risks can be taken to optimize the current processes for greater performance and profitability. Change management is key when looking to innovate, whether on a small or large scale within the organization.

Service-Based Organizations

My experience has been within service-based organizations, leading and optimizing inside sales teams and operations departments for client fulfillment of service (processing, underwriting, billing, compliance) and for customer support and satisfaction (sales verification, customer service, retention, collections).

I specialize in scalable system development (in the event of growth to multiple locations) and oversight, maximizing remote management tools as well as needed site visits for achieving goals. 

Operational Turnaround

Upon assessment of the current state of operational systems, my goal would be to align strategic advice with the organization’s short-term goals and long-term exit plan. Whether faced with a sales, marketing, or operations team, the key is to set up operational systems for consistent management.

Leveraging operational systems allows for management to move toward consistent, predictable results, using proficient staff (without requiring “superstars”).

Integration, Optimization, and Streamlining

In the current era of available technology, the key to optimizing any organizational department is to leverage cloud-based tools, the ideal CRM platform, and custom-built tech solutions to integrate systems and processes.

This holistic platform should provide a seamless tool for the success of all employees within their roles, the enrollment of new clients, the ongoing fulfillment and satisfaction of existing clients, and the necessary level of transparency for stakeholders.

Achieving increased results should come as the byproduct of scalable productivity improvement, and not just from increasing headcount. Marginal gains can be created by leveraging systems (technology and non-tech based) prior to the addition to staff levels. It is imperative that the solution for greater revenue or profit come not only from increasing staff levels or marketing spend.

Management by Data

Results-based management is key to ensuring that decisions are not based on subjective experiences, but rather on duplicable and sound business practices. It is critical to understand KPIs and have reporting available for them in each department of the organization.

When done correctly, data-focused management will determine the necessary modifications required to create strategies that meet business goals and remove unsuccessful systems.

Personnel Development

The key to effective development of staff (existing and new acquisitions) is first the creation of a systematized training and onboarding program. Instead of relying solely on internal knowledge experts to provide training, the information needed for new hires to be successful should be transferred to a Learning Management System (LMS) that utilizes recorded videos and audio, slide presentations, and quizzes. Testing employees during their journeys is vital for ensuring retention of information, as well as the quality of the training program and the trainers involved.

The goal for a turnaround of any department is to develop leaders and coaches who can take the summarized KPIs and turn them into actionable development initiatives for their staff.

Executive leadership’s goal is to build the systems that house those initiatives and to provide managers with the playbook. For long-term sustainability of organizations, leaders should be constantly developing future leaders, passing along the systems and culture.

Optimal incentives are important to the health of any department/team. Performance-based compensation plans can be used when metrics can be tracked to ensure completion of tasks as well as satisfactory levels of results. For those who seek more, a well-established ascension plan within the organization should be available, given growth needs.

Service Organization Skills & Experiences



  • Data Acquisition
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Team Management
  • Dialer Technology Management
  • Script Writing/Optimization
  • Management by Data
  • Achievement of Daily Lead Generation Needs
  • Multiple Location Management

Direct Mail

  • Data Acquisition
  • Proof Management and Approval Process
  • Legal Compliance Assurance
  • Predictive Volume Model Creation
  • Campaign Effectiveness Optimization
  • Data-Driven Testing Model Application

Outsourced Lead Generation

  • Setup With Vendor Partners
  • Optimal Daily Lead Flow
  • Management of Multiple Vendors
  • Onshore and Offshore Partners
  • Scripting/Marketing Compliance
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition Optimization
  • Lead Feedback Management
  • Transparency Through Vendor Portals


  • Sales Script Creation and Optimization
  • Adaptive Closing Effectiveness Modeling
  • Selling System Development
  • CRM/Technology Integration
  • Sales Support Tools
  • Compliance Development and Monitoring
  • KPI Determination
  • Optimal Data Collection and Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Minimum Performance Standards
  • Daily Motivation/Educational Emails
  • Custom Videos to Team and Managers
  • Coaching for Managers/Reps
  • Result-Based Spiff/Reward Programs


  • Process and System Development
  • Critical Path Management
  • Interdepartmental Cohesion
  • Sales Verification
  • Client Relations (Customer Service, Retention, Collections)
  • Client Fulfillment (Process/Operations, Billing, Legal)
  • Multiple Location Scalability


  • Company Culture Implementation (Mission, Vision, Core Values)
  • Forecast Model for Staffing Needs
  • Recruiting Program Creation and Implementation
  • Structured Interview Process
  • Comprehensive Job Description and Compensation Plan Development
  • Data Collection and Analysis for Required Performance Metrics
  • Systemized, Multi-Location Training Program Development
  • Trainer Management and Accountability System
  • Continuing Education Schedule and Rollout
  • Gamification
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Accountability via Metrics
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Discipline of Underperformers

Business Development

  • New Business Vertical Research
  • Development of New Sales Strategies
  • Testing and Optimization of New Models
  • Scalable Marketing
  • Multiple Location-Based Systems
  • Data Collections
  • Projection Forecasting
  • Systemized Creation for Operational Management

Contact Jason:

Phone: (206) 234-1848