CAPS Quadrant System

CAPS Quadrant System

Let’s face it – it can be hard to get sales reps to be more effective with prospects.

And if you are spending marketing dollars to generate inbound, interested prospects, than the last thing you want is poor performing reps.

I have been in sales, sales management, and business development for over 16 years. I have become a student of psychology, personalities, and behavior types.

I have tried studying and teaching others tools like Myers-Briggs and Astrology as ways to improve persuasive selling success.

But the problem is that they are way too complicated for most sales reps to regularly use.

So I created a behavior assessment system combined from different things I have learned along my journey in life.

I call it the CAPS Quadrant System!

I built it with the goal of being so simple and easy to use that any sales team could be trained on it, and actually implement it to increase sales success.

Instead of keeping this training private, for the organizations I work with, I am making it available for any interested company.

Fill out the form below to find out details on how you can get your team trained in the CAPS Quadrant System. It can be done via live training in person or through video conference calls, or by having your team go through the recorded video series.

The best part is that the CAPS Quadrant System is designed to complement your current sales systems – not replace them. It will give your reps another tool in their selling to box.

And best of all, it will make you look like the hero who helped the team close more sales and make more money!

As an added bonus – book the workshop training session for your team before 1/30/2019 and get the Closing Effectiveness Curve training included for free!

What is the Closing Effectiveness Curve?

  • Ever wonder why your new res do so well right after training, and then fail to close consistently?
  • Do you wish there was a way to predict when your reps will hit a sales slump…and help them pull out of it before it’s too late?

The Closing Effectiveness Curve answers these questions by examining and explaining Rookie Success, Veteran Slumps, and How To Be A Professional ‘Dummy’.

The workshop can be set up for any number of sales reps, in-person (geography/travel dependent), live video session, or recorded training video series. It can be customized to fit your organization’s needs as well as time requirement (ranging from one to four hours long).

Complete the form below so we can speak to set up the ideal workshop for your organization.

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