About Jason (Shortish Version)

I don’t come from a background of sales in my family. My mom was a banker and finance manager, and my dad was a research engineer. My entry into sales came from many random experiences growing up, and then at 27 years old the door ope

ned for me to enter the mortgage business.

 I was given a base level of training but nothing about actual sales, selling, or closing. To be fair, at that time in 2002 as a loan officer all it really took for a base level of success was answering the phone and not screwing it up too much.

Over the next nine years I would go from mortgage loan officer to preforeclosure hero helping people avoid the sheriff’s visit (didn’t always mean they kept their house, but I did everything I could to help them exit gracefully), to helping people with consumer credit card debt. I went from a face to face sales environment where my one actual sales ‘instruction’ that I was to get them into the office as quickly as possible.

I operated in sales roles for many years with that basic premise and action plan but over time found myself having to adapt to 100% phone based selling. No longer able to rely on reading someone else’s body language or pick up on what the person across the table wasn’t saying to me, I had to learn how to get that information solely over the phone by listening to everything that I heard, every pause, every change of breath or pace, even the background noises taking place on the prospect’s end.

I have built selling processes that range from simple one-call close to elaborate 16 step (half scheduled/planned and mostly scripted calls, and half research/admin steps by the reps involved) closing processes spread out over one to two months that yielded distinctly reliable closing percentages. My professional sales and sales management goal has been to build systems that do not require superstar sales people to get required results.

Now my goal is to take my 14+ years of sales, sales management, process building, and operations management experience and parley them into ways to help existing organizations with their own sales teams. Whether the company has an established sales group that could be performing a higher, more effective and reliable level, or they want to start a new Business To Consumer (B2C) sales team for existing or new products/services, there are many ways that I can bring value and expertise.

This site is a digital ‘menu’ to show the various areas that I know that a sales management team deals with on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Your organization may be looking for optimization in one area or all nine. In my opinion there are always ways to improve a team and its processes to achieve greater results.

To set up a time for us to speak, and determine what ways I can help – click here (LINK TO CONTACT PAGE)

The Longer Version…

My professional adult life has taken a windy path, yet there are underlying themes of sales, service, and problem solving throughout. Instead of further talk about how amazing I am at selling and try to convince you, I wanted to just list out all the various adventures I have been on since graduating high school.

One of the factors I have looked for in a potentially great sales person (with or without formal sales experience) has been how much ‘life’ they have been through (experiences and hardships). I feel like my own wide ranging resume is partly what allows me to talk to anyone about almost anything, which lends itself very well for selling/enrolling, managing, and coaching.

Work Experience:

  • Worked at a retail pet store, in the aquarium/fish section selling products as well as fish and supplies
  • Went into business with a friend and we cleaned aquariums full time for paying customers, which in-home service, restaurants, attorney’s offices, doctor offices, and corporate clients.
  • Spent over four years in the restaurant business – front of house from busser to server
  • Was part of a Tier 2 tech support team at Microsoft for two years (at which time we lost of our jobs as a result of the first waves of outsourcing to China/India)
  • Spent several months in South America working on an aerial platform as a part of a classified State Department program
  • Entered the residential mortgage business, where I helped hundreds of people buy/refinance homes
  • Created a company with my friend/business partner to find preforeclosure properties and assist homeowners in either keeping or selling their homes prior to losing them at auction
  • Got my residential real estate license so that I could offer additional solutions for homeowners in need
  • Bought several homes that were rehabbed and then sold for a profit
  • Managed a small startup company focused on preforeclosure loss mitigation on a nationwide scale, all transacted over the phone
  • Was hired to build out and run a corporate sales team for a Consumer Credit Counseling company
  • Recruited, trained, and managed sales/enrollment affiliate offices
  • Deployed multiple times to Middle Eastern locations as part of a classified Department of Defense program in support of military operations
  • Performed sales, marketing, and operations management, as well as built scalable systems and processes
  • Created and tested new sales related business verticals to determine viability

Educational Experience:

  • Bachelors in Marine Biology (yes, I know, doesn’t seem like it fits with sales, but in a way it does. Plus, I have lots of cool shark stories!)
  • MBA, with an emphasis on Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Toastmasters International – 2 years of membership, with more than 30 speeches completed included regional competitions